TMR Farm

TMR Farm AG is a medium-sized, diversified agricultural company, with a farm area of approx. 1,850 ha and approx. 60 employees.
The special feature of the company is characterized by the closed internal cycles of the production areas.
The feed and nutrient basis is provided by our own farm through the cultivation of the arable land.
Furthermore, emphasis is placed on maintaining the soil fertility of the land. Good soil fertility is the basis of sustainable agriculture. The fertilization of the land and thus the preservation of soil fertility is preferably carried out through the internal recycling of organic fertilizers, such as manure, biogas slurry and compost.

The logo for TMR Farm AG aims to symbolize the company’s commitment to sustainable and diversified agriculture. It will incorporates symbols of relevant farm animals and crops grown on the farm, showcasing the closed internal production cycles and the importance of preserving soil fertility. 

The design evoked professionalism, reliability, and environmental consciousness, utilizing earthy tones to signify growth and fertility, along with elements denoting sustainability to reflect the company’s eco-friendly practices. 

The overall design is versatile for various applications, maintaining a sense of professionalism and adaptability while representing the harmonious interplay between animals, crops, and the environment.